10 totally achievable resolutions for 2016

happy new year!

10 totally achievable resolutions for 2016

We are one week into the new year! The holiday season and all of its overindulging has come and gone, just like my Sephora and Ulta gift cards. With that, I've spent the past week reflecting on 2015 and looking ahead to 2016.

For the first two or three days of the new year, posts have been flooding my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds about motivation, fitness and weight loss. A few days passed, and those bright, shiny resolutions have faded into the background.

I am not one to fade into the background, so rather than set myself up with unfinished goals, I have created a list of 10 totally achievable beauty, health and wellness resolutions for 2016!  

Below are my 10 resolutions for this wonderful new year: 

1. Drink more water - Being dehydrated does nothing for your appearance. Get a spill-proof water bottle like the CamelBak Eddy or an infuser bottle like this one from Healthful Hydration and your skin and body will thank you. 

2. Sleep on a silky pillowcase - You sleep approximately a gazillion hours out of your life, you might as well make your beauty rest as beautifying as possible. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles and add silkiness to your hair by investing in two of these. Why two? Because the more you change your pillowcase the more often the less likely you are to get breakouts.  

3. Wash your hair less - Please, please, please try and go at least a day (ideally 2 to 3) between washes. Its better for your hair, its good for the environment and great for your wallet (less shampoo and conditioner going down the drain!) For more tips and tricks to go longer between washes, check out this post. 

4. Learn Something New - Thanks to YouTube and the world wide web, we have access to tutorials on any and everything. Maybe you want to try out a new class at the gym but are nervous that you will look silly - try it out at home by searching for it on YouTube. Bored of your go to ponytail? Go to the treasure trove that is Pinterest and find a new go-to Day 2 style! This is the year that I will master the Adele cat eye.

5. Make time for fun - You know how on a plane, during the flight safety talk, they always encourage you to put on your air mask first in case of a flight emergency, so that way you can help others? You should apply the same thought process to life. If you aren't feeling your best, you can't be your best for others. A simple way to be your best you? Have fun! So much of life is bogged down by being "busy," fulfilling obligations, work, why not take a few minutes to sit and read, run on a trail you haven't run before, check out that new store, get that pedicure, color! Whatever you find fun, try to take time to infuse it into your life this year. 

6. Apply sunscreen - Every day. All over your face. Don't forget your lips. Or your ears. Your skin will thank you by continuing to look fab as you age. Here is a great all purpose, daily wear sunscreen from Kiehls

7. Floss - I recently read in order to stick with your resolution to floss daily, you should go two days without flossing and then smell your floss. Its supposed to be such a disgusting smell that you won't ever skip it again. Daily flossing not only makes your smile more radiant, it helps to enhance your overall health. 

8. Indulge - This goes hand in hand with my resolution to make time for fun.  So many resolutions are about taking away, giving up, letting go - but what if you added to your life rather than taking away? I will be adding in to my life by indulging in a massage. 

9. Move Your Body - Not to loose weight, not to tone up (even though those may be some of the benefits you experience), but simply for the pure joy of moving, getting sweaty and reaping the mood boosting benefits. Tight on time? Work out at home! 

10. Embrace something unique about you - You are a fabulous, beautiful being - celebrate it! Whether it is your nose that has that little bump in it, your long, elegant fingers, your auburn hair, lanky legs, whatever, make this the year you love what makes you fabulously you. 

What is one thing you will be doing for you in 2016?