did someone say low maintenance hair?!


We are now in the age of low maintenance hair color. 
I can hear the cries of joy through the computer screen. 
Long gone are the days of heading to the salon every four weeks for regular touchups. With balayage, (pronounced Bah-lay-ah-je) your hair color is actually painted on by your incredibly talented stylist, giving you incredibly natural dimension, a la the way a child's hair highlights after a summer in the sun. It is all about looking natural. 

"Healthy hair is attractive hair and that’ll never go out of fashion." Balayage gives a natural, glossy, expensive look that can be more natural or more intense - it's all about the application technique. 

Another huge bonus of balayage? It is much healthier for your hair than traditional highlighting. Because the highlights are painted on, there are fewer highlights, but those highlights are so thoughtfully placed that they have a greater impact. Your roots are saved from damage too - your stylist can easily see where new growth starts and ends so there is no chemical overlap. The lack of heat in the developing process is also beneficial to your hair.

This video shows you all about the process and the magical effects it creates. 

Have you jumped on the balayage fan bus? I have, and I am not getting off any time soon.