clean it up

your makeup brushes that is

clean it up

Did you know September is the new January? There is something about the kiddos heading back to school, the crisp chill in the air and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes that make September the perfect time for starting a new routine or habit. 

Now I'm not going to suggest going and doing something cray like give up queso and margs, rather something simple, that you probably aren't doing, but totally NEED to be doing. 
Washing your make up brushes!!!

As with anything that we touch we get germs and bacteria, and if you are one of the many who doesn't wash your brushes, you can end up with a serious break out. And that my gal pals is the very last thing you need before we come to you to have your makeup done for your big day or your beasties big day. 

The beauty of washing your brushes is you only need to do it once a week, and its super simple. Go out and get some Johnson and Johnson baby soap (the lavender smell is super relaxing). Collect all the brushes you used over the past week, and get them wet. Be sure to try and get the bristles wet. Pour some soap into the palm of your hand and rub the bristles in a circular motion, checking the bristles cleanliness every so often by running them under water so that you can see if the water is running clear or not. If the water is clear and not bubbly then you should be good to go! Don't forget that your eyelash curler and beauty blenders should also be included in this weekly washing. 
Every other day, after you finish using your brushes, just spray them with this magical elixir. It'll help your skin to stay flawless, and like with any cleaning routine, if you keep up with it, each time it will take less elbow grease and should take less time. 
A note of warning - plan out when you are going to wash your brushes. I tend to go makeup free on Sundays, so part of my Sunday routine means putting on a mask (this is a new mask I am dying to try) and cleaning my brushes. That way, come Monday AM, my brushes are ready to go! 

So, tell the truth - do you clean your brushes on the regular, or is this the most super simple new habit you will be picking up for fall? Share over on our Facebook page or on our Instagram