currently in love

5 things that are making me swoon

currently in love

September is over. 

How in the world did that happen?

Maybe, just maybe, it happened because we were so busy styling so many beautiful brides, seeing so many gorgeous floral and smelling so much pumpkin spice. 

Even though I'm looking forward to October (hello Thanksgiving and Halloween! aka two of my most favorite holidays), I thought I would look back on this crazy wonderful month of September and share my top 5 things I fell hard for. 

1. Low romantic updos with amazing hair pieces - like this one and this one with natural elements and this one and this one with all the sparkles. Whatever version of this style you see for your wedding day, you will have people swooning over you and your beautiful bridal style.

2. Metallica. Basically anything copper, brass, silver or (rose) gold. I've continued to see hair with a rose gold hue that may be tied for first place with my love of lavendar locks, golden eye shadows that make your eyes pop, and even the decor, flowers and stationary are being given the Midas touch.

3. Rompers. Remember a few months ago when I told you how to get ready with your squad in style? I wrote it too soon. Rompers and play suits are everywhere and they could not be more darling!

4. Huge bouquets. Just think an overflowing armful of floral goodness. I keep seeing lots of rich reds, deep oranges and perfect pinks - all beautiful colors for fall, and for your lips. I'm loving a bold lip for this wedding season.

5. Art Deco accents. Whether it's in your invites or your engagement band, the inspo from the 1920s and 30s seems to be popping up everywhere.

I cannot wait to see what gorgeousness October brings!

Tell me - what did you fall in love with in September? Head on over to our Facebook page or our instagram and share your love with us!