don’t wash my hair for HOW long?!

tips to help you go even longer between washes!

don’t wash my hair for HOW long?!

Had you told me to go three days without washing my hair a few years ago I would have laughed, rolled my eyes and warned you that I was going to look like a serious grease ball in the next twelve hours, nonetheless the next 72 if I didn't shampoo every 24. Now, I cannot imagine going back to washing my hair daily. 

I'm not going to lie to you, the first few days (or first couple weeks if I am being completely honest) were rough. By day two and a half, my hair was coated with dry shampoo and I still looked like I had put on a hair mask and not washed it out. But now, after trusting the process, I have hair that is softer than ever, I am using less shampoo, I am saving time (and water!) and have learned 5 tips to extending the life of my three day hair!  

1. Take the time on Day 1 - Style your hair!    Whether you blow your hair out, or put in some curl, make sure you take the time to make your hair look amazing on day one. For me, this means waking up, giving my hair a good wash and carefully blowing my hair out so it is smooth and full of body. Day 1 is a good day to put in soft curls or straighten hair. Before styling, I do put some product on my hair to protect it, but I try to go light with the products I use so that way I can go into day two without my hair being completely weighed down. 

2. Learn to love texture -   Day 2 for my hair is when I play with my hair's natural texture which is straight with a bit of wave. I enhance this wave by adding in a gentle curl to my hair. A large barrel curling iron is my go to tool on Day 2. 

3. Have Go-to styles -   Talk to your stylist, search the Pinterest-sphere, or simply play around with your hair. Day 1 I try and wear my hair down. It looks fresh and I just spent a bunch of time carefully blowing my hair out (see tip 1). Day 2, I tend to wear my hair in a half up style. Face framing braids are great for Day 2 because I can utilize the texture that is in my hair, I am pulling any slightly greasy hairs back, away from my face. Day 3 is when I love an undo. Again, it pulls the hair away from my face, and up off my neck. There is the most product in my hair on day 3, so I have much better hold for any style than I would on Day 1 after I have blown things out silky smooth. 

Some of my favorite styles right now: 
Twisted Updo
Dutch Braided Top Knot
Lived In Bun


4. Buy this, and this, and this -  I originally started using a silk pillowcase because I read some article about how sleeping on silk helped to prevent wrinkles, and lets be honest, who doesn't want to prevent wrinkles. As I started to go three days without washing my hair, I discovered the added benefit of waking up with hair that was not completely flattened against my head. 
As for the scrunchies, laugh all you want, these leftovers from 1995 are a God-send when it comes to helping me get through three days of not washing. If your hair is long enough, pull it up, high on your head each night using one of these bad boys and you will wake up looking fabulous. Just don't leave the house without taking the scrunchie out of your hair.
You would think that the last item on the list above is an obvious one, but after many a shower where I planned to not wash my hair, and did not have a shower cap handy, shower caps are on my must have list. Just invest in a few, have them at hand, and shower without fear of ruining all of your hard work to get to day 3 of no hair washing. 

5. Don't touch! The less your greasy, grimy hands touch your hair, the less your hair turns greasy and grimy. So just let it alone as much as physically possible. 

Have you hopped on the three day, no wash bandwagon? What are your tips for making it a few days without washing your lovely locks?