false lashes are eye enhancing miracles… learn all the tips and tricks!


False lashes are eye enhancing miracles. They are pretty much my favorite special event accessory, and by special event I mean anything from a black tie gala to date night with your main person to girls night on the town. Any time I want to feel fancy, I break out the falsies.

Intimidating is one word that comes to mind when the thought of applying false eyelashes crosses your mind. But repeat after me: "practice makes perfect."  Watch this video a few times and give yourself a block of time when you are not rushed and do not have anywhere to be.
Three tips to make your first time with falsies go a but more smoothly:

1. Eyeliner is your friend - you do not want to be able to see the glue that holds on your lashes. By applying a nice liner prior to placing your lashes, you give yourself a little leeway if the lashes aren't perfectly resting on your natural lash line.

2. So is your eyelash curler - Your eyelash curler is a great tool because not only can you use it to really clamp those falsies into place, but it curls your natural lashes into your false ones. Just be sure to coat your natural lashes with a light coat of mascara prior to applying your falsies AND after.

3. Individual lashes are a great baby step towards applying full lashes - or if you have really light lashes, or if you prefer a really natural look. Individual lashes provide you with the opportunity to strategically place lashes and not overload your eyelid.

One last note - make sure your adhesive is tacky before you use it. Whether you are applying a full strip or individuals, tacky adhesive will stick more quickly, not allowing for the lashes to move around and make a sticky mess! I may or may not have learned this the hard way. I put a dollop of adhesive out right before I start lining my eyes that way it has time to reach that perfectly tacky state by the time I'm ready to apply.

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