holiday wish list

‘tis the season for beauty

holiday wish list

Every year, when my loved ones ask what I would like for the holidays, I draw a blank and end up requesting gift cards to Sephora and Amazon. This year will be different, because I finally got smart and made none of all the things I have been coveting. 

Some of these are reasonable, some of these are completely indulgent, and some are worthwhile investments, all 6 of these are things I would be more than happy to unwrap! 

1. Urban Decay's Naked Smoky Palette - This palette is the fourth Urban Decay Naked palette, and the colors are on point! From warm bronzes to smoldering grays, and a luscious purple, the looks you can create with this palette range from outstanding for the office to alluring for night. 

2. Esqido BFF Lashes - talk about indulgent, but when you can wear them up to 25 times, and give anyone thick, full lashes the cost is justifiable, just be sure to learn how to apply and care for the lashes properly! 

3. Maskcara's IIID Foundation Palette - I have been following Maskcara's blog for a hot minute, and she has this completely amazing customizable palette that provides smooth, bright, glowing skin. I still love my Mac foundation, but I think that this would be a fun product to try. 

4. Clarisonic Smart Profile Face and Body - Anything that can help me achieve smaller pores and smoother skin is worth trying, and this Clarisonic brush promises just that. With a hefty price tag of $265, this brush comes with a body brush head, so you can target any problem areas anywhere on your skin.

5. Dry Bar's Buttercup Blow Dryer - I can never, ever get my hair to look like it does right after I have had a blowout, but maybe if I received this hair dryer I would be a step closer to hair perfection. Its supposed to be light weight, and super powerful. 

6. Sultra The Vixen Volumizing Dryer Brush - These dryer brushes are really intriguing to me. Like I mentioned above, I love the look of a blowout, but don't always get the same results at home as I do when I leave the salon, and this tool leads me to believe I could use it to add the perfect amount of volume and bounce. 

What beauty products are you lusting after this winter? Share in the comments below! Happy holidays!