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5 tips to the perfect pout

kiss me

Valentine's Day is almost here! Are you ready to pucker up with your sweetie? Here are 5 tips to make rock lipstick on love day or any day:

1.Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Buy a scrub or make one of these 23 scrubs and use it regularly. Another great option to keep your lips super smooth - your warm wash cloth rubbed back and forth to get off all that dead, dry skin. Or you can use a (clean) toothbrush to slough off the dead skin. No matter what way you do it - make sure your lips are super silky smooth. 

2.Moisturize and Prime - After you have exfoliated, you need to maintain that smoothness with some kind of moisturizer. Each night I keep my lips smooth and kissable with good old ChapStick. If you apply your lip balm about 5 minutes before you are going to line your lips, your balm can act as an incredible primer. Just be sure to blot off any excess so the color doesn't swipe right off.  If you choose to go the primer route (I'm a huge fan of primers) Mac's Prep and Prime is my go to. It creates a long lasting base for the liner and helps the color to cling to your lips like none other.

3.Line - I used to think that lining your lips was reserved to generations long gone, but if done to enhance rather than contrast your lipstick, a liner can help the color stay in place, last longer and even create dimension. If you really want your liner to be super subtle, get it to match your natural lip color rather than your lipstick. 

4.Take the Tube - Do not leave your lipstick at home! If you plan on eating, drinking or smooching, you are going to need to reapply. This is especially true if you are using a super bold color.

5.Rock It - I absolutely love seeing bright pink lips or bold dark lips. One of my besties usually plays up her eyes like whoa, and she recently showed up for drinks rocking this incredible dark plum lip. It looked so good, and she rocked it with total confidence! 

So, tell me what do you think about wearing lipstick? Are you a gloss-only kind of girl? Do you want to rock a bold lip? Hop on over to our Facebook Page and tell me about your love (or fear!) of lipstick and what your V-day plans are! Happy Valentine's Day lovelies!