why you need a consultation

three reasons why a consultation is a fab idea

why you need a consultation

It is going to be the most photographed day of your life. 

That's the simple answer to the question "why should I book a consultation?" The long answer is the following three reasons:

1. You aren't used to wearing this much makeup. Not only will your wedding day be the most photographed day of your life, it will be the day where you wore the most makeup, and smiled the most and danced the most and cried and laughed the most. So many brides are shocked at the amount of makeup and layers of product needed to achieve that beautiful, natural glow that lasts and lasts, through it all! Maybe you've never filled in your brows or maybe you've always wanted to rock false eyelashes - your consultation is the perfect opportunity to do a test run! Bonus - if you get your consultation done in the morning you can see how on point you look at noon, right after your consultation and how you still look just as stunning at 7 PM.  But, if you get your consultation done later in the day its a perfect opportunity for a girls night out or a date night with the fiancé!

2. You're nervous. Who isn't?!? It's going to be one of the most special (and most photographed) day of your life! At your consultation you have the opportunity to do a trial run of your hair and makeup, to get to know your stylists and ask any questions you may have about what will happen on your big day. How much time will it take? What should our schedule be? How do I keep my lips looking fresh? All questions that can be answered at a consultation!  As the saying goes - luck favors the prepared!

3. You need to know what you don't want. By scheduling a consultation, my friend Stacy saved herself from some serious stress. Her first consultation (not with ALLURE) had her leaving the salon with makeup that she felt she could have done herself - not worthy of the investment. She went and got a second consultation, nailed down her look and walked down the aisle looking beautiful and radiating confidence. Had she booked with the first company, without getting a consultation, her wedding day would have been a stressful mess. We want you to get ready in a fun, relaxed environment and then walk down the aisle feeling absolutely gorgeous and not worrying if your eyeliner is uneven or if your hair is going to fall apart.

In the end, booking a consultation is your decision based on your confidence in your stylists, your time and money. It is the perfect way to get to know your stylists, work out exactly what you want, and get an amazing sneak peak of how stunning you will look on your special day!